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Apoth3cary by radha

Apoth3cary is my love letter to Mother Nature, stemming from the idea of changing the garden-to-table movement to “garden-to-skin”. I am in love with plants, whether they are flowers, vegetables, herbs, or weeds. Each one is so unique with incredible healing and beautifying properties. So beautiful in fact, I can’t seem to choose just one or two. Apoth3cary is my artistic expression of using the Alchemy of plants to achieve synergistic blends that lead to beautiful glowing skin. I love to grow a plant in the garden, extract or distill it, then add it to a skincare or haircare product. Part of the joy of using these plants is the freshness of the ingredients. Just as I don’t want my food to be packed with preservatives, I don’t want to lose the essence of these ingredients by packing them with preservatives. To help solve this, I only use Ecocertified preservatives in the smallest effective amounts to produce products with shorter shelf lives. Apoth3cary products are not meant to sit on the shelf of a drugstore for years on end. These are products that are meant to be used and enjoyed,  preferably in less than 3 months. Thus, I make them on demand and sometimes, in smaller packages than you would traditionally find.
Another aspect that is unique to Apoth3cary is that the ingredients have a seasonal nature. Whatever plants grew well that year will be the ones that get distilled and extracted. Once that runs out, it will be time to move on to something else. For example, I have the most delightful Magnolia trees, but they didn’t bloom well this year, so my stock of Magnolia Hydrosol is rather limited. Obviously, everything can’t be sourced from my garden. So, I use wildcrafted, organic, or Ecocertfied ingredients to supplement the things I grow. This planet has been blessed with thousands and thousands of amazing plants that produce a wide variety of oils and butters with incredible healing and beautifying properties. I love to experiment with as many as I can, and I do believe our skin is happiest when we feed it all sorts of ingredients. It isn’t necessary to find a single face wash and use it for years on end. I like to mix it up. A bi-phase cleanser may always be the same basic makeup of oils and hydrosols, but sometimes your skin might enjoy a Rose hydrosol and other times a Lavender or Sage hydrosol. Just as we often get stuck in a rut with our food choices, we can get stuck in a rut with our skin routine.
While I love growing things in my garden and using those plants, I also love high-powered, super extracted elements. I work with the top suppliers of the most carefully curated graceful-aging ingredients that can be found on the market. Often, these can only be found in incredibly expensive skincare products. But, because of the small scale nature of Apoth3cary,  I can pack my products with a wide range of incredible ingredients and make them accessible to you

artistic alchemy for modern beauty
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